House of Arts

After Thursday’s morning session, we went over to Gabby’s House of Arts (What an amazing space) to work with the children who attend their House of Colors.

There were 30 or so students and we only had a half hour, so we led a quick interactive storytelling, as well as singing the call-and-response song, A-Rum-Tum-Tum (many parents will recognize it from a Raffi album). It was a little challenging because there were so many of them — and some were really young (1.5yrs) — but they did a great job focusing and working with us.

Afterwards, we spoke with Gabby and, as we were leaving Christine, the House of Colours Director, said that all the children were now singing A Rum Tum Tum. Even the littlest ones…. Sorry about that….

Oh, by the way, I did finally see my first camel.


Originally published Oct. 9, 2008


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