My apologies…

Originally published Oct. 14, 2008

but I’m not going to write about the absolutely amazing interactive storytelling work our students did today.

Not even to tell you about the young woman who walked in and said to me, “This is my first time being here,” and describe how she just leapt into the fray.

Or to talk about the confidence, play and creativity on display.

Nor am I going to tell you about how Steve and I both woke up this Tuesday morning and were hit by a wave of sadness as we realized that our time with our students was drawing to a close.

Or tell you about the young woman who ran to her room to grab a shayla for me, and the patience (and amusement) a slew of young women displayed as they tried to teach me how to wrap it around my head. 

Why not?

Because this evening Steve and I went to Abu Dhabi and had dinner with the Sheikh.

That would be Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, Chancellor of the UAEU. Also in attendance were Dr. Jim and Dean Don Baker.

It’s quite likely Steve and I will be insufferable when we return to New York.

See photos below… 


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