Oh, Dem Birds, Dem Birds, OH!!

Originally published Oct. 10, 2008

So, this morning I got up early (as opposed to every other morning when we got up early) and made a quick tour around the hotel grounds with my binoculars. Some of the birds I can now identify (thanks to Dave Clark’s website full of great photos. And don’t forget the UAE birding site.)

Black Crowned Finch Lark – These kids are EVERYwhere. And very talkative.

Gray Falconian Big ole scardycats

Hoopoe: (Scholars will know the Hoopoe is mentioned in the Koran)

Indian Roller:


House Sparrow:

Little Green Bee-Eaters: (you really should click the link to see a spectacular shot of them.)

White Spectacled Bulbul:

Laughing Dove – A photo I found on 10,000 Birds, the blog of some NYers in my area.

Collard Dove:

Sand Martin/Barn Swallows

Rock Pigeon: Just goes to show ya: You can take the girl outta New York, but you still gotta watch out for the pigeons!

And three TBID’d birds:

1) Small, vireo-esque size. Curved, black beak. Yellow throat, but an elongate black diamond along the “adam’s apple.” I don’t think it’s bee-eater…. maybe a sunbird?

2) Thrush like, but perched in the open, and did a flycatcher move. Looked to have an iridescent rusty head, pale, mottled tumy, gray/green sides and a black line through the eye.

3) The common sparrow-ish that’s NOT the house sparrow — rich, white cheek on the males.


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