Per a reader’s request…

Originally published Oct. 15, 2008

New Birds!

First: My email-birding expert Huw tells me that the bird I asked about — the one with the elongated black diamond on its throat — was a purple sunbird.

Now, not that I’m one to doubt a local expert, but when I looked at a photo I thought, “Nope!” Check out this crazy bird:

But, dumb luck (is there any other kind?) found me at wikipedia where there was a photo of a purple sunbird in non-breeding plumage. Check out the difference.

And I thought annoying US shorebirds were a changeable, fickle bunch!

Added to my UAE list with a Ring-Necked Parakeet. (Overhead, mostly. Need to get a really good look at one Friday morning before we leave.)

A Red-Vented Bulbul.

Huw says to keep an eye out for White Cheeked Bulbul:

Followers of the blog will know I’ve already added a Spectacled, or Yellow Vented Bulbul.

Of course, for every bird you id, there’s another one you can. Caught a glimpse of something horned-lark-ish, and something big that looked black plover-in-breeding plumage-ish. I have to beg off being more specific because it was a glimpse caught while zipping around a roundabout.

Looking at David’s site, I’m thinking the plover-like was a Red Wattled Lapwing.

At the Sheik’s (oh, how that trips off the tongue!) we saw something that we thought was a bustard of some sort, but the photos I’ve seen online don’t confirm my diagnosis… Anyone have any clues?



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