Where we’re starting from: New York City

Originally published Oct. 2, 2008

The words “New York” can bring to mind some iconic images:

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Times Square

Wall Street

Wall Street










Like most New Yorkers, we use the New York Subway system to get around

In fact, take a little trip with me from my home in the borough of Queens to the Creative Arts Team’s offices in the borough of Manhattan.


Leaving the apartment early in the morning.


 Walking though the neighborhood to the subway.

The subway – though in this case it would be more accurate to call it the “El” as in the elevated. (And yes, that would be my shadow)











In Midtown Manhattan


Exiting at Herald Square. Check out the view down 6th Avenue. The Empire State Building. Up 6th Avenue.

And then in to our building. Check out the nice lobby ceiling in our building!
and our offices

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